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Gumley House School FCJ

Year 7 Catch Up Premium

Gumley House School received an allocation of £6500 for the Literacy and Numeracy Catch-Up premium for the last academic year (2016/17). 

Review of the impact of the approach last year has shown that some students have made excellent progress during their time in these interventions. 


LOP: 1 sublevel

LOP: 2 sub levels

LOP: 1 whole level

LOP: 2 or more levels











The Catch-Up funding for the 2016/17 cohort is still to be used in its entirety, and the intention is to use the rest of the funding in the following ways:

1.    Out from MFL for Literacy / Numeracy support

2.    Small group English for Yr-7


3.    Speech and Language Therapy


4.    Occupational Therapy


5.    Small group work for behaviour


6.    Tutor time Literacy group


7.    Tutor time Numeracy group


For the current academic year, we are refining the approach used to support the identified students in the new Year 7 cohort and those in need of support.  The newly created post of Year 7 Targeted support and Transition Coordinator (TSTC) will liaise closely with the SENDCO and the Head of year 7 to devise a programme which not only aims to develop students’ literacy and numeracy skills, but which also aims to support students in a range of other ways.  It is envisaged that by developing student confidence, liaising with parents and carers, supporting students in improving their organisational skills and by instilling a love of learning, that the identified students will be able to increase their rates of progress across the curriculum and we will be using this experience and our knowledge of the cohort to tailor and shape the programme to match their individual needs.