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Gumley Online

Students at Gumley have a wealth of online resources to aid learning across the whole curriculum. Click the links below to access the resources or access through Gumley's Fronter Learning Platform. 

 Visit our Literacy Ebox for great resources to help you improve your literacy in all of your subjects and achieve even greater progress and understanding.  


Fronter is our Virtual Learning Platform where students can access a wealth of resources and lessons, online activities and educational games.  Fronter also permits secure discussion forums and a place to hand in homework, check assessments, etc.
SAM Learning is the award winning online service used
in over two thirds of schools across the country.  It is a proven means of support for students who wish to improve their results at Key Stage 3 and in their GCSEs. Last year alone, almost 1 million students around the country revised on SAM Learning.
Autology is a powerful resource tool that enables students
to access and search over 200,000 of the best on-line resources, including current textbooks, audio and video from Heinemann, Letts Lonsdale and Encyclopaedia Britannica.  All the resources have been preselected by teachers and publishers and have been matched to the curriculum and organised into age group relevance. is an interactive website that Gumley have
subscribed to for every student.  Here you will find flash tutorials on almost every aspect of your Maths lessons and is a highly effective revision source also.