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Gumley House School FCJ

Winter Coats

Dear Parents and Carers,

As the cold weather approaches, a number of you have expressed your concern about your daughters keeping warm in the school fleece. I understand these concerns and have decided to run a pilot scheme until the end of the Easter term. As a result, from Monday 9th December 2013,  students will be allowed to wear a smart, dark brown winter coat. The coat will need to be full or three quarter length, at least long enough to cover the school blazer, made of plain cloth or padded and  without a logo and without fur trim. Coats made of leather, suede, or denim are NOT permitted, nor are jackets.  We have placed pictures of some suitable examples below for your reference.  Some of you may be interested in buying a duffle coat for your daughter, if so, then you may want to look at the following website which was recommended to me by one of our parents:  

At Gumley we believe that our uniform is essential to the ethos of our school community as it establishes a clear sense of identity, fosters a sense of inclusive belonging, and engenders both positive behaviour and self-discipline, which in turn supports teaching and learning.  I know that you will support us in maintaining a high standard and ensuring that if during the colder months your daughter needs to exchange her fleece for a coat it will be in line with what’s stipulated above.

I’d also  like to take this opportunity to remind you that ‘hoodies’ are not allowed and that your daughter should not be wearing any extra layers under her fleece or jumper which are visible.  The only scarves that are permitted are the school scarf or scarves which are plain cream or brown.  Boots or shoes above the ankle are not allowed.  The only exception is when it snows. 

We will review the trial at the end of March and hope that we will be able to add the winter coat to our uniform policy in the future.

In anticipation of entering the season when we may have to face adverse weather conditions, please look on our website in the ‘For Parents’ section about procedures in the event of ‘adverse weather’.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me via Mrs Lonergan, my P.A., should you have any further questions.

Thanking you, as always, for your support,

Ewa Kolczynska