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Visit from Lifescape Magazine Editor

On Thursday 6th November a group of Year 11 students who worked on the End of Year Book met Rajasana Otiende, the Editor & Founder of Lifescape magazine. She travelled all the way from Borehamwood to visit Gumley to offer some advice and support in the student’s first meeting.

Camilla Gillespie 11C said she found Rajasana’s tips on best ways to organise the groups really helpful as well as on-line advice such as which safe on-line sites exist to communicate with other students and not to use pictures from You Tube as the quality does not always reproduce well. Sheridan Lay 11R said: "I liked hearing about what worked well for Lifescape magazine, as it helped me relate to what they are doing and how to go about choosing the right people based on their skills.’’

Rajasana says that “She believes hers is one of the most progressive ethical magazines in the U.K. (it can also be bought overseas), and its main aim is to give information and create awareness of what’s available for people who want to live a more natural or thoughtful life”. “There are choices to make all the time, but our goal is to take some of the confusion away by offering you positive information and resources”.
If anyone would like to look at a copy again please contact Miss Roberts, Business & Enterprise Manager.