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Gumley House School FCJ

Science: Curriculum Overview (Year 8)

The outline below in an indication of the syllabus taught in Year 8.  Please note that this should be read in conjunction with the Homework Policy which can be found on page 19 of the Handbook for Parents and Students which is distributed at the beginning of each year.

Year 8:

How is Science taught?
Science is taught in two bands 'x' (Houses CFJ) and 'y' (Houses MRT).
Each band consists of four mixed ability groups.  Group sizes are approximately 24 students.
Topics covered:
Science is studied in modules. One module of Biology, Chemistry and Physics is covered each term.
  • Biology:    Food and Digestion; Respiration; Microbes and Disease; Ecological   Relationships.
  • Chemistry: Atoms and Elements; Compounds and Mixtures; The Story of Rocks; Particles: Solutions.
  • Physics:    Forces; Heating and Cooling;  Sound;  Magnets and electromagnets; Electric circuits; Light & sound.
  • Students will develop independence in planning, obtaining evidence and interpretation whilst becoming skilled in the use a range of specialist science equipment. 
  • Scientific enquiry skills are developed through self-assessment booklets.
Activities are provided that enable students to assess their own understanding and progress. In addition, work is marked by teachers at regular intervals and each term there is a short written test to give feedback on understanding of the work.
Types of homework:
Activity sheets that follow-up the work done in class; research of a topic for the next lesson; posters for class displays; creative writing; preparing brief talks for role plays/debates.
Students have access to a personal copy of Exploring Science 8.
Students must bring safety glasses and a calculator to science lessons. is a good place to start searches for unusual topics.
Science Club during club time.
Science Project:  Inter-House Competition.

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Science Experiments
Science Experiments


Science Experiments