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Music: Curriculum Outline (Year 7)

The outline below in an indication of the syllabus taught in Year 7.  Please note that this should be read in conjunction with the Homework Policy which can be found on page 19 of the Handbook for Parents and Students which is distributed at the beginning of each year.

Year 7:

How is Music taught?
Music is taught in two bands: 'x' (Houses CFJ) and 'y' (Houses MRT).  Each band consists of four groups of approximately 24 students per group.
Topics covered:
  • Rhythm and Pulse
  • Ostinatos and Polyrhythms
  • Gamelan
  • Keyboard Skills
  • Tone Poems
  • Writing a Pop Song
  • Developing a sense of pulse and rhythmic awareness.
  • Building vocal confidence.
  • Creating and developing musical ideas through composition and improvisation.
  • Using traditional and non-traditional notation to read and write music.
  • Developing keyboard skills.
  • Communicating ideas and opinions using musical vocabulary.
  • ICT – to create, manipulate and refine sounds.
  • Individual, small group and whole class performance – recording and informal assessment.
  • A range of listening tasks relating to topics – formal assessment.
  • Composition work relating to topics covered which are assessed using departmental criteria and the whole school policy on marking and assessment.
Types of homework:
  • Revision of topics for tests.
  • Research on composers, instruments and styles.
  • Answering questions based on listening work completed in class.
  • Evaluations of performance.
  • Learning words for concert song performances.
Books/Resources/Web Page references:
  • Curriculum material compiled by department.
  • Royal Festival Hall Gamelan Project.
  • Music Matters – Marian Metcalf and Chris Hiscock.
  • Departmental Vocal and Instrumental Arrangements.
  • Video clips from YouTube and other online resources
  • DVD and CD resources appropriate to topics.
Performing in Christmas and Summer Concert.
Opportunities to perform in Assemblies and other School Events
Individual and group performing in Music Festival and Musical Production.

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