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Gumley House School FCJ

MFL: Year 8 Curriculum Overview (Spanish Set 1)

The outline below in an indication of the syllabus taught in Year 8.  Please note that this should be read in conjunction with the Homework Policy which can be found on page 19 of the Handbook for Parents and Students which is distributed at the beginning of each year.

Year 8:  Spanish Set 1

Topics covered:
  • Introductions:  name, age, birthday, alphabet, in the classroom.
  • School: subjects, activities in lessons, describing teachers, opinions on subjects, in the cafeteria.
  • Family: relatives, numbers to 100, pets, colours, appearance and character.
  • At home: describing where you live, what your house is like, your bedroom and activities in your bedroom.
  • Hobbies: what you do in your free time, telling the time, sports, saying what you like to do and what you are going to do.
  • In the town: describing the town, places around the town, invitations to go out, weather, what you are going to do in the town this weekend.
Listening.  Speaking.  Reading.  Writing.
National Curriculum Levels 1 – 4.
Continuous informal Assessment
Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing tests
Types of homework:
Vocabulary and structure learning.
Gap fill.
Matching exercises – English to Spanish, picture to Spanish.
Display and poster work by hand or on computer.
Short reading passages to extract information or true/false exercise.
'Mira 1':   Textbook and CDs
Reading: Vamos a Leer.
All subjects include DVD’s/CD Rom: 'Cut, Paste and Surf'Interactive Whiteboard Activities. 
Worksheets produced by staff
Web page references:              
Language Festival in Summer Term.
Weekly Language Club.
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