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ICT - Curriculum Outline (Year 7)

The outline below in an indication of the syllabus taught in Year 7.  Please note that this should be read in conjunction with the Homework Policy which can be found on page 19 of the Handbook for Parents and Students which is distributed at the beginning of each year.

Year 7:

How is ICT taught?
This is taught in two bands 'X' (Houses CFJ) and 'Y' (Houses MRT).  Each band consists of four groups with a group size of approximately 24 students per group.
Topics covered:
Computer Room rules, logging on procedure. Introduction to Hardware and Software. Pupils complete an ICT audit to check what skills and understanding they have prior to starting at Gumley. ICT teachers follow National Curriculum KS3 modules of work.
Students will:
  • Plan and design a presentation in digital media, considering the purpose and intended audience.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of their own and others’ publications and presentations.
  • Understand that different forms of information – text, graphics, sound, numeric data and symbols – can be combined to create meaning and impact.
  • Identify the purpose of an information source and whether it is likely to be biased and what information is relevant to a task.
  • Search a variety of sources for information relevant to a task (e.g. using indexes, search techniques, navigational structures and search engines).
  • Narrow down a search to achieve more relevant results. 
  • Assess the value of information used.
  • Acknowledge sources of information used.
  • Use spreadsheets software to investigate and amend a simple model.
  • Explain the rules governing a model and predicting the effects of changing variables or rules.
Students find out how to collect relevant information to be able to answer questions, they learn to create a file to be able to handle data and use database functions to search data and draw conclusions in the results obtained. 
Students will learn to:
  • Handle information efficiently.
  • Use presentation and movie making software to create presentations.
  • Use graphics software to manipulate images, desk top publishing software to add text and images to documents.
  • Use scanners, digital cameras and flip cameras.
  • Use spreadsheet software to format and label data, enter rules or formulae, sort data, produce graphs and cut and paste from a spreadsheet to another application.
Students will develop interpersonal skills, for example, in cooperating with others on an ICT-based task. 


Learning objectives are identified at the beginning of each lesson to the class. Teachers continually assess student progress during lessons. Students usually complete a Learning Diary at the end of each topic that will help them reflect upon areas where they need support. 
Types of homework:
One homework a week (30 minutes), usually this will not require a computer. It may require students to plan for their next lesson, review their learning or do research.
Further Activities:
Radio Broadcasting and Animation club are planned to run after school.
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