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Chaplaincy @ Gumley welcomes you.
“Earth’s crammed with heaven
and every common bush
afire with God;
But only she who sees, takes off her shoes-
The rest sit round it and pluck blackberries.”
Elizabeth Barrett Browning

In the name ‘Faithful Companions of Jesus’, the Sisters who founded Gumley House almost 170 years ago, we find our inspiration for what the role of chaplaincy involves for us here. Chaplaincy @ Gumley is about companionship….. accompanying.. …being present with and for our girls…… and about getting to know Jesus in a personal, intimate way.

Our motto “Vive Ut Vivas means “Live that you may have life”.   At Gumley we believe in the education and development of the whole person and the Chaplaincy seeks to inspire as well as facilitate the spiritual journey (awakening and development) of all members of our community.  Our approach is based on the belief that God is always with us, in each moment of each day, though we can be largely unaware of his presence.  In the Chaplaincy we seek to inspire and facilitate spiritual reflection, promote and encourage spiritual awareness and accompany our students as they seek to deepen their spiritual lives. 

At Gumley we encourage our girls to develop a real and deep faith, based on their own personal conviction and experience.  We believe that faith grows from within - it should not be imposed. Our faith infuses the daily life of the school with regular masses, liturgies and annual retreats celebrated in year groups and in house groups.

At Gumley House we have a strong sense of community and a commitment of service to others.  We respect and care for the whole person and many visitors comment on the genuinely caring nature of the school which is a very real community.

 Being a Chaplain @ Gumley means:

  • Being a living witness to the Christian way of life.
  • Accompanying young people on their spiritual life journey.
  • Offering support whenever it is needed.
  • Facilitating and animating liturgical celebrations.
  • Listening to and recognising the wisdom of young people.
  • Celebrating the wealth of wisdom that young people have.
  • Being what you need to be……. companion, prayer guide, listener, support-giver, guide, bridge-builder, person who prays for others, witness, reflective presence, responsive to the needs of others….
  • Liaising with local clergy
Our Chaplaincy consists of:
a prayer centre which we call Bethany
a Welcome Room
a Chaplain's Office
Annual Retreats
“May God always be with you
and direct all your deeds”
Madam D’Houet, FCJ Foundress

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Christmas Liturgy

 Lourdes Pilgrimage

Chapel 'Bethany'

Feast Day at Westminster