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Gumley House School FCJ

Cashless Catering FAQ's

Please find below a list of Frequently Asked Questions and their answers in regard to going cashless.

Q.  How secure is the ID Card?
No money is held on the card, which is unique to each student.  When it is presented at the till, the students photograph will be displayed to the member of staff working on the till so they can check whether it is the correct student.
Q. What happens if a student forgets their card?
Should a student forget their ID Card, she should go to student services who will check their balance and issue a slip to present at the till point.
Q. What if my top up is delayed by the bank or not received in time for lunch?
The student should go to Student Services who will issue a slip for the canteen and contact the parent before providing an advance of £2 for lunch.  The parent should ensure that the £2 is refunded to Student Services the next day.
Q. Do credits to my child's account expire?
No.  All payments will remain on the account until debited for purchases made. There will be no expiry at the end of the academic year.  Free school meal allowances are renewed daily; any unused allowance is debited out of the students account each day.  For year 11 students parents should try to minimise the need for rebates through appropriate top-ups at the end of the year.
Q. Will there be a daily spend limit for students?
Yes.  The School will set a spend limit for all students at £5.00 per day to ensure money is spent wisely and budgetted accordingly.  If a parent chooses to change this and set their own limits, they can do so by writing to Student Services.
Q. Once I have topped up, how quickly will my child's account be credited?
If the top-ups are carried out by 9.30am, the student's account will be credited in time for lunch
With the cheque method of payment, all cheques received by the end of morning break (10.50am) will be credited onto the student's account in time for lunch.
Q. My child brings sandwiches to school; can my child purchase food on the odd occasion?
Parents can top up this account as often as they choose. Therefore, students who bring sandwiches will have an account they can use if they wish.
Q. If I have more than one child at the school, can I send payments for all children at the same time?
Yes.  Information on how to do this can be found at the foot of the Cashless Catering page (Internet Payments Guide) on the school website.
Q. How can I see my what amount is remaining on my child's account and/or what they have been eating?
This facility is currently available on the internet through your account.
Q. If a cheque presented to the caterer is returned what by the bank is the consequence?
The caterer will levy a £15 admin charge and will not accept further cheques until this is paid.  On the day that the caterer is informed the student should go to Student Services to get a slip/advance for lunch which should be repaid to the school the next day.
Q.  What happens to the remaining funds when my child leaves school?
The school will notify the catering company, Innovate, and the balance will be refunded back to the account from which the original top-up was made.  In the event of that card being expired or the account closed, a cheque will be issued by Innovate Services and this will be sent to the school for forwarding on to the parent/carer.  Balances less than £5 will not be refunded.