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CHP Consulting Ltd

On 20th March 20 students spent half a day at CHP Consulting Ltd in the City.

CHP is an I.C.T consultancy organisation which has been collaborating with Gumley for some months now.

The purpose of this day was:
  • - For students to learn about this industry sector,
  • - To gain a clear understanding of the variety of roles involved in such an organisation and what each role entails,
  • - To learn about the training and support offered to graduates as well as some very practical tips on the do’s and don’ts for writing C.Vs and completing applications.
Various personnel from CHP from the Sales & Marketing Director through to Heads of Design and H.R. made presentations.
CHP’s graduate intake is of very high calibre which is why we aimed this to our students who are attaining at high levels.

As part of our community commitment we extended this invitation to two other local secondary schools for four students from each of The Green School and Brentford School for Girls.

For further information on how CHP Consulting Ltd has supported our students click here.