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Gumley House School FCJ

About Business & Enterprise


There are a large number of skills required to succeed across all the curriculum subjects, and to enhance opportunities accessible to our students. In all subject areas enterprise skills such as communication, problem solving, numeracy, team-working and leadership are delivered through the curriculum. Our students are taught how to use their own initiative and become independent self-motivated learners.
Business Studies in Key Stage 4 is our most popular subject choice; it is also the most successful in terms of final grade outcomes for our students. Students who study a business qualification in a Business and Enterprise Specialist School have an advantage; because employers and universities recognise that specialist schools have to demonstrate excellence in teaching and learning in their chosen specialism.
An Overview of Specialist Schools
The Specialist Schools Programme (SSP) helps schools, in partnership with private sector sponsors and supported by additional Government funding, to establish distinctive identities through their chosen specialisms and achieve their targets to raise standards. The SSP promotes school improvement by providing opportunities for schools to work to their strengths, enabling them to deliver effective teaching and learning in their area of expertise, as well as across the curriculum, and to drive innovation.

Business & Enterprise: What is it?
Business & Enterprise Colleges will use their specialist status to…"contribute to whole school improvement by developing innovative approaches to teaching and learning". Business & Enterprise Colleges will enrich and extend learning by encouraging economic and business understanding, enterprise activities and opportunities for pupils to follow a wide range of work related learning pathways. They will demonstrate commitments to achieving an enterprise-based environment and developing an enterprising approach to teaching and learning.

What does this mean for Gumley?
* Raising of standards across the whole school
* Specialist subjects lead in innovative practice for teaching and learning
* Enterprise learning and capability are integrated through the whole curriculum
* Use and develop links with local business and industry – for Business and Enterprise
* Work with partner schools and the wider community share expertise in learning