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Gumley House School FCJ

Gumley Student in NASA Winning Team

Their winning experiment will now be conducted in space.

Experiment Topic is: Planarian Flatworm Regeneration in Microgravity.

Many congratulations to student Tabitha Bower for her place in the winning team of the NASA Mission Discovery programme at King’s College London.


"I really enjoyed the week I spent working with King's college and ISSET designing experiments that would potentially be launched into space!

I was able to meet many amazing young people with similar interests to mine, whilst exploring a topic that was extremely important and interesting, but not often talked about in the classroom-space!

We were privileged to meet and talk to the astronaut Michael Foale.

We spent a week, with the help of the staff of both NASA and King's college, designing our experiments, and spent the last day pitching them to a few professionals from within the field.

Amazingly, the team that I was in won, and so we now have the great honour of seeing our work carried out in space. I am very excited for this to happen and extremely grateful for the amazing opportunity I was given by Gumley."