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Gumley House School FCJ

Yr 7's Race to the Line!

Yr 7’s build and launch Rocket cars to learn about STEM

On 11th April, Gumley hosted the local Hub of Race for the Line. This national competition to build and race model rocket cars is run by Bloodhound SSC (the land speed record team), The Army and Microsoft. 23 year 7 students competed for two positions in the regional final.

The students participated in workshops where they researched aerodynamic shapes and some of the fastest machines created by humans. After careful planning and preparation elven groups took up the challenge of crafting the fastest model rocket car possible.



On race day students watched in awe as their cars were fitted with rockets and fired one by one. It was a really amazing experience to see student’s cars reach speeds of up to 30 mph.  The cars were racked up and loaded with charges.  After an enthusiastic count down for each car the charge was ignited, and the cars shot off down the race track.  Each car was timed at top speed as it passed through a light gate before crashing into some foam lagging at the finish. Teams O.D.O and Bluebird Bloodhound qualified for the regional finals, so congratulations to the following girls for making it through to the next stage; Oliwia Lewko, Loisse-Lhana Lema, Dona Jaison, Yanaelle Chateauneu, Simeoni Sergiou and Otylia Prez.



We were delighted (and relieved) that all the children’s designs met the safety criteria for racing and all survived ignition, reaching the finishing line intact.  The fastest cars travelled at over 13 m/s with a very small variation between first and final place.

The next stage took place at RAF High Wycombe. Here the winners of the school competition went up against schools from across our region. The girls spent the day designing and building their rocket cars from scratch. With a few improvements over their previous design they were set to go. After the races the results came in.  Our girls ended up in 5th place out of twelve teams, with only a few milliseconds separating them from the top three. Overall a very impressive result and the Science Department is very proud of their achievement.