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Gumley House School FCJ

RAF visit Gumley to promote the importance of STEM subjects

To celebrate 100 years of RAF they visited Gumley with a mind blowing show celebrating the importance of STEM subjects to the RAF.  

On Friday 29th June, years 7-9 had the opportunity to take part in the R.A.F ‘Fun with Flight’ S.T.E.M. roadshow. The presentation allowed students to gain a better understanding of the physics of flight with the help of some spectacular practical demonstrations.


The show linked the four main forces involved in flight to different physical effects. Starting with the effect of sound on air pressure using pyrotechnics, the team brought along a Rubens Tube, where a display of sound and fire showed the sound waves in a fascinating demonstration. Students also learned about the various uses of drones within the R.A.F, and were confronted with the potential future uses of facial recognition on this machinery. The speakers brought with them the wing of an aircraft and used it to show how forces work on the shape of the wing to keep planes in the air. Several students participated in the show; exploring the effect of upward forces and even testing virtual reality software in front of their peers!

Here is the live video of this amazing demonstration.  



As a finale,students and teachers were treated to a live demonstration of a miniature (but loud!) jet engine and afterwards some pupils had the opportunity to ask questions about careers with an R.A.F ambassador who just happened to be Mr. Thappa (see image below) who left Gumley last year to pursue a career in the RAF!