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Gumley House School FCJ

What Our Eco Club Has Been Up To

InterClimate Sustainability Summit in June 

Climate Network – Sustainability Summit

Year 8 students were invited to this amazing conference held at Kew House School, to hear about many new environmental initiatives and were able to debate a range of topics that included:

Food waste, energy, air quality and pollution to travel & transport

With key contributors from:

The London School of Economics, Air Quality Brentford, Greenpeace, West London Waste Authority and Accenture’s Sustainable Procurement team.

Report from Year 8 students: Ellie Turner, Kimberly Dias & Sarah Kenny:                

 ‘It was really useful to see what other clubs have done in their schools. We worked in groups with experts to develop ideas to reduce food waste and try to tackle air pollution around the school. We hope to be invited to many more conferences in the future and are excited to bring out some of these ideas as we move on into Year 9.”