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Gumley Students take an International Day Out

Two Groups of Gumley's Year 10 students took trips to two different restaurants in Richmond; Don Fernandos and Pizzeria Rustica for the afternoon. These outings were part of the cultural enrichment section of their courses; to create a realistic environment by giving them the opportunity to experience the atmosphere and food of traditional Spanish and Italian diners; where they were able to also practise their language skills when ordering their meals.

Both restaurants created special menus for the school at set prices and made sure the students only spoke in Spanish and Italian.
Gianni Izquierdo, Manager of Don Fernandos said: "This is a great idea, and a good experience as it helps to build their confidence. They can listen to people speaking Spanish around them and practise by ordering food in Spanish. They should do this at least once a week, fantastic idea! They will love the food.’’ (Don Fernandos)
Head of Gumley's Language Department, Natalie Crocker, explained, "As part of Gumley's language specialism our students are involved in many international trips, but we are also keen to find them local opportunities that they can benefit from".  To see this event as featured in the local press, please click here.


Students at Don Fernandos and Pizzeria Rustica