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Video Conference takes off at Gumley

On June 4th The School launched its first student video conferencing with Oxford University. 10 students from Gumley’s 6th Form, keen to pursue a career in medicine, had the unique opportunity of hearing from a lecturer at Oxford Medical School via a live video conferencing link.  Dr. Robert Wilkins, Lecturer at Oxford’s Dept of Physiology Anatomy and Genetics, was specifically addressing the subject of the digestive system followed by a Q & A session enabling the students to communicate directly with him and his medical students.

Stephen Byrne, one of Gumley’s Assistant Headteachers, has established contact with a range of schools and universities both within the U.K. and overseas, working closely also with Rob Cullis (e-Outreach Project Manager) of Bedford School who has created a network of school interaction using video conferencing. 

Stephen explained “Following a successful video conference on the Obama Election with students from Universities in Texas, New York and Washington a few months ago, I have been very keen to continue to establish new routes to learning so our students can experience the highest realms of education through partnerships such as Oxford Medical School.  Additionally, it is very important that in delivering our objectives, we also explore and invest in different technology.  We’ve been able to meet and greet people from all cultures and experiences – all from one room!”