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Google comes to Gumley

In this autumn term 2011 students had a chance to meet and hear from Mark Hodgson who works in Google's Enterprise business and is responsible for all channel sales across Europe, Middle East and Africa. Mark is also responsible for building Google's 'Apps' presence in Central and Eastern Europe and Russia. Mark presented to our year 13 Economics class who are learning about company strategies and international business”. specifically they are assessing “internal and external influences on companies.” Additionally he supported our Year 12 ICT students who are currently studying “Life in the Information Age”, where they are evaluating consumer interaction with the internet & online services, particularly Google. Mark Hodgson was able to give the ICT students some insight about Google’s trading, how it generates revenues as well as looking more broadly at its social impact. These students also learnt more about careers at Google, the different departments and the skills needed as well as Mark’s own career journey from university, information that is particularly relevant to these students as they consider their own interests and career paths.  

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