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Sixth Form Fulcrum Challenge

Fulcrum is an outstanding experiential Learning Journey aimed at the Personal Development of 16 and 17 year old A-level students, or similar, who have shown some leadership or team working skills both in their schools and in the community. Students who are selected for participation by their Heads of School, come from the State Education system and are from a variety of backgrounds and cultures. Three girls from Gumley were involved in developing a project in Kenya this year. They were Kimberley Callan, Georgina Daborn and Ailish Tully. The project took place from 12th to 27th February and was to renovate an existing school building (the Navasha Primary School), including painting classrooms, breaking up and replacing cement screed floors, making 25 wooden desks.... and more! Congratulations to those who took part. Gumley are very proud to have such innovation and charity amoung our students.

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