Images from around the school

School Production 2009 'Twelfth Night or WHATEVER!'

Twelfth Night or WHATEVER!, our take on one of Shakespeare's best loved comedies was a challenge from start to finish - literally! But, we pulled it off and these beautiful photographs show off what a colourful and imaginative production this was. Our Illyria was a school of the performing arts. Our Orsino and Olivia were lead students in their respective creative disciplines: Orsiono's being music (what else!) and Olivia's being dance. With a magnificent Sir Toby causing mayhem, practically identical sisters as Viola and Sebastian adding to the confusion, and a Malvolio to end all Malvolio's (our 2012 Headgirl, Helen Scott), this was a Shakespeare brought right into the here and now, and connecting with the oldest to the youngest in our audiences - not least when we fed them pizza at the raucous midnight feast held by Sir Toby and Maria. Wonderful stuff.