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Shakespeare Festival: The Tempest

The Shakespeare Schools Festival evening in October 2008 was a great success.  It was very touching to see over 100 students from 4 very different schools handling these 500 year old text with such confidence and aplomb.  Our girls and Ms Izzard produced a spectacular version of The Tempest that really stood out for its inventiveness, creativity and clarity of storytelling. The adjudicator commented in particular on how exciting it was to watch – there was never a dull moment and it was a wonderful ensemble piece.  Katie of 11F was given special mention for her commanding portrayal of Prospero.  Year 12 students, Chiara and Leila, were praised for their confidence and competence in taking over from the technician and running the show’s lighting and sound. We were put on last again - a real accolade - they always save the best to last to end the evening on a high! The 25 girls from Yrs 8 - 12 have had a great adventure, not least in travelling to the wilds of Tottenham for the show.  They went down a storm with The Tempest (pun intended), despite the vast majority of the audience having no links with Gumley at all.  They sang all the way home on the coach and left the experience with more friends than with which they began.  Quote of the day from a member of the cast: “This has been the best experience of my life.”