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Isleworth Community Play 2012

The Isleworth Community Play came about when we decidided to produce our 2010 school production of the musical Richard Lake and I wrote, Beautiful Dreamer, in the community. The musical is based on interviews we carried out with lifelong Isleworth resident, Eileen Woodbridge, about her childhood in the 1930s. Eileen was full of tales from the times, not least about her several brushes with mortality. Her stories were funny, touching and occasionally tragic. They evoked the era and we were able to draw many parallels with the times we live in now, both for its economic challenges and its technical innovation. The school production drew such accolades from the audiences during its sold out run and seemed to touch them more than previous productions, that we felt it deserved another outing, this time in the community where we felt it really belonged.

Producing the community play was a joy from start to finish. We had a mixed company of over sixty people and an age range of seven to sixty seven. There were students involved from many schools across and out of the borough. There were parents with their children. There were teenagers from different schools. There were experienced performers and novices. This was a promenade production, so an unknown quantity for director, performers and audience alike. It was very exciting during production week. Our audiences laughed and cried, but all of them went home smiling.  You can see lots of photographs of the production process from auditions to closing night at our blog site

The text of the play was published, with the full script, rehearsal shots, some of the music and the original transcripts of the interviews, and is available for any interested party by contacting

Madeleine Casey, Head of Drama