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Shakespeare Schools Festival 2006 A Midsummer Night's Magical Mystery Dream

We took part in the Shakespeare Schools Festival in the Autumn of 2006. We decided to abridge and reproduce our very successful school production of A Midsummer Night's Magical Mystery Dream as our play for the festival. With a new cast that included several of the original performers, many in new roles, and students new to the company, we set about, in four weeks of intensive rehearsals, to recreate our 'summer of love' production.

We were delighted with the results. The girls performed admirably at the Paul Robeson theatre in Hounslow, closing the evening of four different Shakespeare plays from four different schools. We had two then year 11s, Chiara and Leila with us, expertly running the theatre's professional sound and lighting desks, and our quartet playing in the balcony to the delight of the audience.  A great experience indeed.